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Git Projects Quick Start

Get Started

Beta Software

Support for git-based projects is new and should be considered beta. If you encounter any issues, please let us know!

1. Add Your SSH Key to Pancake

Add your SSH public key to Pancake in your account settings page. You only need to do this once per SSH key.

You can also add an SSH key using pk, our command-line tool. Once you download it, simply run pk add-key and follow the instructions.

2. Create a Project on Pancake

Add a new Pancake project from your projects page, making sure to select the git option.

If you're using pk, you can instead run pk create-project.

3. Add Pancake to Your Git Repo

In your git repository, add Pancake as a remote:

git add remote pk<repo-name>.git

Where <repo-name> can be found in your project's settings page.

4. Push to Pancake

Once you have added Pancake as a remote, you can push to Pancake, which will trigger a build of the master branch immediately.

git push -u pk master

Upon completion of a successful build, your website will be updated. You can download the build log or an archive of your website from your project page on Pancake.

Learn more about Pancake's supported static site generators.