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Git Projects

Basic Usage

Beta Software

Support for git-based projects is new and should be considered beta. If you encounter any issues, please let us know! it Repo

In your git repository, add Pancake as a remote:

Supported Static Site Generators

Pancake supports the following static site generators. The generator is selected based on which canary file is present in the root of your repository.

Generator Canary File
jekyll _config.yml
wintersmith config.json
middleman config.rb
hyde info.yaml

Don't see your favorite static site generator? Fork our detection library and make a pull request!

Custom Domain

Please refer to the instructions for adding a custom domain to a Dropbox-based project. For git-based projects, only index.html is supported for the root url.

Moreover, an alternative to configuring your domain name from your project's settings page is to create a file called CNAME in the root of your repository, containing the domain name you would like to use. When your site is built, your project will be configured with that domain name, replacing existing ones if different.

Custom 404 Page

If you have a 404.html page in the output folder, that will be used instead of Pancake's default 404 page.